From the recording Vol. 1

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"The Ballad of Young Jones"

His daddy was a sailor
He was never around
But you could find him every night
At the only bar in town
He left the task of raisin’
Young Jones to his ma
And every year on his birthday
She’d forge his birthday card
The day he turned 16
He got a hundred dollar bill
She said this didn’t come from your dad
And nothin’ ever will

The Poison in his veins
Has made him mean and cold
Don’t you end up
just like him when you grow old

Momma moved em to TX
found herself a good hearted man
Put Young Jones on the football field
To keep the bottle out of his hand
He had a hell of a season
Gettin scouted by the NFL
First play of the final game
He Tripped and tore his ACL

Jones tried to fill the void
He climbed into a bottle of pills
knocked a couple of women up
Cause that’s a hole that he could fill
He fell in love with trouble
left the babies home alone
Chaos is a mean god
And it led him down amphetamine road

The Poison’s in his veins
It makes him mean and cold
Don’t you end up
just like him when you grow old

They Went back to Nebraska
After mama had her stroke
two weeks later the good man died
And took with him all the hope
Well he left them some money
Just enough to cause a scene
That’s when the extended family showed up
And taught us all the meaning of greed
Jones was spendin’ like crazy
To help his momma get around
But his hungry ass aunts and uncles
We’re trying to bring young jones down

The poison in their veins has made them mean and cold,
Don’t you end up just like them when you grow old
Don’t you end up just like them
Cause there’s still time, there’s still time
To save your souls

Is your daddy a failure?
Well he’s never around
You can find him every night
Behind some bars outside of town
If he calls to hear your voice
Don’t listen to a single word
Two generations down
I’d hate to see you be the third
God will you give you the cards

But the devil’s in what you do
It ain’t about your old man now
Kids it’s all bout’ you

The poison in your name
It can’t be bought or sold
Don’t you end up just like them
Just like them
When you grow old